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Book 2 of the Series

Hammerhead Resurrection Cover 6 - For Ki.webp

“An advanced extraterrestrial race must,

as humans have, evolve into a peaceful society.”

- From Senate Majority Leader Sebastian Flynn’s commencement speech at MIT

“Fifty years later we’re still debating this?

An obsolete military desperate to justify itself

fabricated that war.” - President John Moore

two weeks before the destruction of Europa Base

“Those veterans suffer only from memory implants.

They’re a senseless burden.” - Excerpt from Vice President Samantha Creswell’s California campaign debate


“Please forgive us for what we’ve allowed to happen.”

- Note found in the rubble of the Oval Office


“We won’t make the same mistake they did…

They left some of us alive.”

Fleet Admiral Jeffrey Holt

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Amazon Reviews

                        captures your attention and imagination

-- July 19, 2022

"This was a great read! Although futuristic, the author has done some good homework on how to make the futuristic technology work so that it seems realistic. The character development is great. The author makes you feel attached to the different characters so you get an emotional ride thru the book. The author captures your attention with character development and action sequences. Jason Andrew Bond is a combination of Tom Clancy, Dale Brown, and Clive Cussler all in one! Will recommend this book and his 1st book, Hammerheads, to everyone! Looking forward to seeing this as a screen play and possible movie or series!"

Goodreads Reviews

                        Anne Marie -- March 25, 2016

"I read Hammerhead when it was released because I like sci fic when I don't have a good fantasy or romance to read. It was great. I loved the characters, as a middle aged reader, the older hero, Jeff was very appealing, as water the younger hero's. I saved it to my favorites list, and was thrilled to find on my third reading that Hammerhead Resurrected had been released. Perfect timing, because I had the day off! It did not disappoint!! Excellent, exciting military story, great new characters, and a gritty and introspective look at war, death, and military service. I hope for a third novel in this series, very very much!"

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