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Book 1 of the Series

Hammerhead Cover.jpg

Jeffrey Holt tears apart decommissioned ships

that have been crash-landed in the Nevada

desert. He’s a shipbreaker, no one of 

consequence — just as he wants it. However, decades after his role in the world mattered, someone is trying to kill him. Searching for a reason, he tears into the bridge of a derelict Kappa-Class freighter and finds corpses. As he stands on the bridge considering how to stay alive, a hand grips his leg... 

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      Seldom do I read

fiction but once I started

reading Hammerhead, I could not

put it down! Very Well Done!

Solid storyline - vivid description. Keep up the good work"


- Col. (Ret.) Gaillard R. Peck, Jr.

Amazon Reviews

                        What a wild ride -- October 10, 2020

"This book was great. Starting with a guy, who at first glance seems ordinary, and finding he’s really this extraordinary human thrown into a wild situation is a great beginning and the story continues to build on that. I found myself wanting to know what came next and was often surprised by what came next. Great characters, well-formulated plot, good pacing all make this book worth reading."

Goodreads Reviews

                        Charis -- May 14, 2022


"Often times I think I know what is coming in a story like this, and for a while, I am right. There are shoot outs, chases, narrow escapes, and movie-styled dialog. “Most likely this is going to end with us dead or in prison” (p. 65).

It is a wide-open adventure, well-written, but at a full sprint.
Then, when I am ready for the story to keep zigging along, it zags. There is an unexpected depth to Jeffrey’s character, a surprising twist to the villain, and an existential secret to the world being created for us here that is well worth flipping the pages to uncover. Plus, there is plenty of story left for the sequel."

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